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Bashkir State Pedagogical University named after Akmulla provides high-quality education in demanded specialties with a state diploma. A large number of budget places and an affordable cost make our education affordable. There are excellent conditions for study and active student life. More than 20 associations, creative teams and sports sections give everyone the opportunity to reveal their potential.

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Psychology faculty
The faculty prepares future educational psychologists, social educators, tutors, business coaches, and consultant psychologists. It is a scientific and methodological center for organizing the psychological service of the region. Leads close cooperation with scientific, psychological centers.
Institute of Pedagogy
The Institute trains teachers of various profiles, methodologists, educators, educational psychologists, speech pathologists and speech therapists, and social workers. Has high authority and recognition in Bashkiria and Russia. Collaborates with universities in China, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan. Competence development centers are operating, workshops of the WorldSkills movement for preschool, primary and music education have been created.
Natural Geography Faculty
The faculty trains teachers of biology, geography, chemistry, as well as geneticists, ecologists, and tourism managers. Scientific work is underway in the fields of genetics and algology. Innovative projects are being implemented, and field practices are held throughout Russia - from Kamchatka to the Caucasus.
Institute of Historical, Legal, Social and Humanitarian Education
The Institute trains teachers of history, social studies, law, cultural studies, economics; specialists in law, records management, economics and management. The student association "Consultant" organizes free legal aid for residents of the city of Ufa. The educational-scientific-methodical center "Bayram" develops volunteer activities.
Institute of Physics, Mathematics, Digital and Nanotechnology
The Institute trains teachers of mathematics, physics and computer science, nanoengineers, programmers, IT specialists, architects of information systems, etc. The Laboratory "Nanoelectronics of Advanced Materials" and the International Center for Astrophysics named after V.I. Ya.B. Zel'dovich. Cooperation with more than 50 organizations in Russia and active scientific activities are underway.
Institute of Philological Education and Intercultural Communication
The Institute trains teachers of the Russian language and literature, foreign languages ​​and the Tatar language and literature, translators, educational organizers, linguists, methodologists, etc. International video bridges and online conferences, international internships and translation practices are regularly held. The institute has a Center for the Development of Competencies "Slavic World" named after L. M. Vasilieva and the Cultural and Educational Center of the K. Nasyri Institute.
Faculty of Bashkir Philology
The faculty trains teachers of the Bashkir language and literature, Russian language and literature, as well as teachers of foreign languages. At the Center for Oriental Languages, students can study Chinese, Arabic and Turkish languages; cooperation with foreign universities is underway. The faculty includes the Research Center "Bashkir Language Service", "People's School of 'сэсэнов'" and the People's Theater "Ҡорос".
Institute of Physical Education and Human Health
The leading center for training highly qualified specialists in physical culture, sports and life safety, trainers-instructors of fitness clubs, specialists for work in the Ministry of Emergency Situations and the Ministry of Internal Affairs. The best sports base in the region for training physical culture specialists. There are sections for more than 25 sports. Graduates of the institute are prize-winners of the Olympic Games and Paralympic champions, champions and prize-winners of the World and European championships, members of the Russian national teams.
Faculty of Art and Graphics
The faculty trains teachers of fine arts, technology and design, professionals in graphic design, environmental design, arts and crafts, etc. Workshops for sculpture, arts and crafts, artistic textiles and processing of wood, metal, ceramics are equipped. There is a Center for Art Felt and a student design bureau "Design Club". Cooperation is underway with the Republican branch of the Union of Designers of the Russian Federation and the Union of Artists.
It trains specialists in the field of tourism and hotel service, land and property relations and the use of natural resources, law, preschool education, physical education, music and fine arts, as well as library science. There are Centers of Professional Competence in the hospitality industry and in the field of land and property relations, the Laboratory of Geodesy and Environmental Mapping. Training in the competencies of the WorldSkills movement is underway.
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